Innovative technologies - Bridging theory and the real world

Honda Research Institute USA, Inc. (HRI-US) was founded in January, 2003, along with HRI-EU and HRI-JP. Our offices are located in California and Ohio.

HRI-US is committed to creating innovative knowledge & demonstrating its values in the real world for ourselves, as well as to discovering new technologies and our future partners in the society.

Material Science Research
MSR: Material Science Research
MSR focuses on novel functional nano-materials to innovate Honda's current and future products. MSR is based in Columbus, OH.
Computer Science Research
CSR: Computer Science Research
CSR focuses on bringing human-level intelligence to Honda's current and future products. CSR is based in Mountain View.
Fundamental Technology Partnering
Fundamental Technology Partnering
Building partnerships with the venture community, academia and national labs for collaborative opportunities in order to create synergy with Honda’s Fundamental Technology Research strategy.
Academic Outreach Initiatives
Academic Outreach Initiatives
Honda offers academic initiatives designed to enhance collaboration, foster innovation, and partner with academic institutions across the US and Canada.